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Unfortunately, we cannot do without a written set of rules for our training courses and events at the diving school Diving.Berlin.

That is why we have packed everything that is important here in our set of rules (GTC), which are binding for EVERY person who takes part in our training courses and events.

By submitting/sending the signed/online registration form for the relevant seminar/course/event, the participant has bindingly registered. The undersigned agrees to the terms and conditions set out below. He confirms this by e-mail, fax or letter on the registration form or by sending the online registration form on the homepage or by registering on the social portals (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress) of the diving school Diving.Berlin.

With the e-mail/fax/letter/online confirmation, the seminar of the diving school Diving.Berlin is firmly booked.

With the confirmation, the seminar costs are due immediately and are to be paid online via the payment process in our shop. All seminar prices listed there are final prices.
In the event of cancellation, we reserve the right to withhold a processing fee of €150.00.

Additional services that are not listed in this order are not part of this contract.

The diving school Diving.Berlin is entitled to cancel the agreed seminar/event if the minimum number of participants of 2 people has not been reached. The cancellation must be received by the participant by email, fax or letter no later than the 7th day before the contractually agreed start of the seminar/event. Payments already made will be returned to the participant immediately. However, if payments were made to third parties, Diving.Berlin reserves the right to withhold this service.

The seminar / event leader is entitled to make decisions regarding the start and end times of the seminar / event as required. If necessary, the seminar/event leader is entitled to appoint a substitute at short notice. All seminar/event parts are carried out according to the advertisement. The seminar/event leader is responsible for any presentations of the content. The seminar/event leader has the right to exclude people from the seminar/event who disturb or hinder the seminar/event or who do not meet the seminar/event requirements. There is no right to a refund of the seminar/event fee. The influence of alcohol will result in disqualification at the expense of the student/participant. The seminar/event participant is responsible for disadvantages resulting from not appearing on time. The seminar/event participants are required to take out personal insurance to cover damage to health or loss of material. There is no liability on the part of the diving school Diving.Berlin. We particularly point out the transport and storage of equipment and valuables. The seminar/event leader is entitled to change the content of the seminar/event if a lecturer is absent or planned premises and planned presentation techniques are not available that are not under the administration of Tauchschule Diving.Berlin. The student / event participant bears the filling costs of the compressed air cylinders for himself and the diving instructor. The diving school Diving.Berlin, represented by the trained diving instructor(s), undertakes to train the diving students in theory and in practice in such a way that it corresponds to the association’s predefined provisions. In “Prescriptive Teaching” courses (self-study of theory), the theory tasks set must be solved before the course begins and the signed papers must be brought with you.

If the questions about the state of health cannot be answered satisfactorily, a medical certificate confirming the suitability for diving must be submitted at the latest at the beginning of the course. The theory is learned in self-study before the start of the course and all repetition questions are answered and signed at the beginning of the course. The student diver expressly declares that he is diving at his own health risk. The training material, which was specially procured for his course, to be paid in full upon receipt if not done. Adhere to agreed course dates in theory and practice. Without cancellation (72 hours before the start of the course) and in the event of prevention without presentation of a medical certificate, the course fees incurred will be charged extra to the diving student.
The Tauschule Diving.Berlin reserves the right to withhold a processing fee of €150.00.
See point 6 Diving equipment that was issued in the diving school for open water training must be returned there on the same day, at the latest on the following working day, and returned dry. Warning: Wet equipment gets stuck in the trunk. There are additional costs for cleaning. Equipment delivered later will be charged extra according to the current rental prices. Assist in loading and unloading equipment. Equipment is not to be removed from the containers unless instructed to do so. Borrowed equipment must be returned in person after the end of the lesson without being asked. Care must be taken not to lose anything. Otherwise, the student diver is personally liable for the damage incurred. Inform the instructor if equipment is damaged during training. To replace lost, willfully or grossly negligently destroyed equipment. Strictly follow the instructions of the diving instructor or his representative during the diving course. The diving school Diving.Berlin or the representative diving instructor reserves the right to exclude the course participant from the course without refunding the course fee if the above points are disregarded. The dives / courses organized by the diving school Diving.Berlin are zero-time dives with a maximum depth of 30 meters. Any diving fees or parking fees at the open water diving sites and other costs will be borne by the participant himself. Deficiencies at the diving centers where the open water training takes place are to be reported there directly. Arrivals and departures are to be organized by yourself. They are not subject to the duties of the diving school Diving.Berlin, nor is any liability assumed for them.

Due to the booking and payment of an instructional dive or diving course, the participant is entitled to have his diving ability checked and determined. However, there is no entitlement to certification if the participant’s performance does not meet the required examination requirements.

Should the participant require additional training beyond that agreed at the beginning of the course in order to meet the respective examination requirements, this is not included in the course fee and must be paid for separately.

Due to the special effort involved in diving training and the resulting preparation and follow-up, billing is not based on hourly rates but on 1/2 or full training days. The diving school Diving.Berlin distinguishes between the effort and the risk of the training dive when it comes to billing. The following billing amounts correspond to the remuneration of the diving instructor, additional costs such as base fee, pool rental, rental equipment, etc. are not included and will be billed separately.

  • 1⁄2 day rate up to Master Scuba Diver 100.00 €
  • Daily rate up to Master Scuba Diver 200.00 €

Professional Education:

  • 1⁄2 day rate up to Assistant Instructor 150.00 €
  • Daily rate up to Assistant Instructor 300.00 €

The participant can withdraw from the seminar at any time. The withdrawal must be made in writing. The diving school Diving.Berlin is entitled to demand a lump-sum compensation. The flat-rate cancellation costs for the agreed seminar are: from the 6th day before the start of the course: 100%, before that: 50% of the total price. We recommend taking out seminar cancellation insurance (e.g. via www.erv.de). If a course participant is unable to attend a previously agreed course date, this must be reported 7 days in advance and an alternative date will be agreed. If a participant indicates that he will be absent for less than 7 days, a fee-based appointment according to point 6 will be agreed.

The invalidity of individual provisions does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.

Verbal agreements are only effective if they have been confirmed in writing by the diving school Diving.Berlin. All personal data provided to Tauchschule Diving.Berlin is protected against misuse in accordance with federal law.

During our events, snapshots are regularly taken, which are published in various sections/forums and social media platforms. These recordings are linked to the pictorial representation of people present, with the selection of people being more or less random. The images are displayed on our homepage, print media and social media channels.
By participating in our meetings/events or training courses as well as the event rooms/locations, the participant gives the consent of the person present for publication in the above manner, without requiring an express declaration from the person concerned. If a person concerned does not agree to the publication in individual cases, we ask this person NOT to participate in our events or training courses. However, if a person does not agree with the publication in individual cases, we ask for a written notification by registered mail to the diving school Diving.Berlin. If the person concerned does not agree to a specific publication of a photographic representation of him or her, we ask that you send us a written notification by registered mail with a more precise description of the image in question.
Since deleting the images on social media causes time and costs for the Diving.Berlin diving school, the person will be billed in advance for the time required for each image in the amount of €50.00 and for video recordings €500.00.
In this case, the invoice will be disclosed before the image of this person is deleted and the image will be deleted after full payment to Diving.Berlin within a reasonable period of time (at least 14 days after receipt of payment) and the image will then be destroyed and not published or published.

This allows us Art. 6 Para. 1 (f) DS-GVO, since we have a legitimate interest in informing the public about the activities of our diving school Diving.Berlin.

The legal notices given above will be referred to our terms and conditions in writing and sufficiently communicated upon notification and in the registration process for our events and training courses.
Legal recourse is excluded for § 10 of our General Terms and Conditions.

In the event of legal disputes, Berlin is agreed as the place of jurisdiction.