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We seek adventure where others only dream. We are united by our love for the underwater world and our desire to protect and share it with you.

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Frequently Asked Quections

The best thing to do is to start with a Discover Scuba Diving with us, so that you can test whether diving is something for you at all. Once you have decided, the Open Water Diver is your entry into the diving world

Your first consideration should be, do you want to try diving first or are you sure you want to get started right away.
Then take a look at our page Scuba Diving and choose the course that suits you, book and pay for the course and we will clarify everything else with you personally.

Since we offer Diving Trips from one person, there are other divers on site with whom you can quickly contact and find yourself in a group of like-minded people.

you will become a better diver if you go diving and always work on your buoyancy control. In our Peak Performance Buoyancy course we can support you in giving you tips, tricks and exercises that will enable you to become a better diver.

You have a 14-day right of return on the products purchased in our shop.
Unfortunately, online courses (e-learning) activated for you cannot be fully reimbursed. Here we have to charge a processing fee of €125.00.

Since we always strive to train our students well and safely, to give them the attention and help they need to become good divers, we refrain from training in large groups because of the visibility in the local lakes and the handling of a such a large group would not meet our safety standards, requirements and personal care.

Yes, if you have chosen the Discover Scuba Diver or the Open Water Diver the rental equipment is included in the price. For all other courses, trips and dives you should own or rent your own equipment.

This answer would go beyond the scope here. But we go into this more explicitly in our Open Water Diver or Equipment Specialist courses. Here we give answers and tips tailored to your equipment so that you can apply them to your equipment right away.