Project “World Dive Day”

What is the World Dive Day?

The World Dive Day is a special day for divers around the world.
Why? …it’s a day when divers get together, exchange ideas, dive together in the water and ACTIVELY do something for our environment.

is a project where all divers on

our planet will be animated to get into the water and with their joint commitment through games, fun and environmental awareness learn to respect and protect the underwater world.

By cleaning up rubbish and rubbish, through correct buoyancy, we can sensitize divers to the topic of underwater protection.

As a result, the aspiring divers will be “better divers” and “more responsible divers” implementing active protection

Let’s keep the underwater world clean…

Be there and register for the next World Dive Day

Here you have the opportunity to make a donation for the preservation of the underwater world

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