Dry Suit Diver
259.00€ – 399.00€

Started on 4. November 20239:00 - 16:00 Uhr1 Days

Dry diving is your ticket to diving in wind and weather! Fantastically clear deep mountain lakes in Germany, Austria or on the colder side of the world, the wrecks of the North and Baltic Seas, the Nordic regions of Norway, Iceland, the Arctic simply put, wherever it is too cold for wet/semi-dry divers opens up to you this course these new cold water dive destinations.


Especially in the cold season and for deep dives in local waters, diving in a dry suit offers special comfort! Cuddly warm and dressed in thick underwear, even longer dives at water temperatures of around 4°C are a lot of fun!

Course Content

Theoretical & practical training

  • Interesting facts about the selection, care and use of dry suits
  • Practical exercises
  • Abilities
  • Organization
  • Procedures
  • Techniques
  • Problems, dangers and advantages of the DrySuit Diver


  • 1 dive in the pool or Confined Water, 1 dive in open water
  • Minimum 1 day, the course can be started any day in the season (April – October)

You first practice the handling of the dry suit in one dive with an instructor, then you do a second dive in open water under the supervision of an instructor, deepen your newly learned skills and enjoy the new diving feeling in the dry suit.

Additional costs

  • Rental fee for the dry suit
  • Rental fee for possible diving equipment
  • Underwear (e.g. ski underwear)
  • Dive center fees
  • Tank fillings
  • Certification costs

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