Peak Performance Buoyancy
199.00 € – 349.00 €

Started on 4. November 202310:00 - 16:00 Uhr2 Dives

Would you like to improve your buoyancy?
Beginners usually have problems with their buoyancy as this skill requires a lot of practice, we strongly recommend this course to all beginners.


The specialty course Peak Performance Buoyancy is a practical course consisting of 2 dives. You practice and learn to master your jacket perfectly, to adjust your lead correctly and to position it so that you can maintain a neutral buoyancy in any position and perform your descents and ascents slowly.
Since beginners often still have problems with buoyancy and this skill depends a lot on practice, we strongly recommend this course to all beginners. If you want to do your Advanced Open Water Diver with us and have very few dives, we definitely recommend you to start with a dive of this course in the Advanced Open Water Diver course.
So you only have to complete an additional dive and get your Peak Performance Buyoancy certification with it.

Course Content

  • Dive planning for searching and recovery, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal with potential problems
  • Localization of large and small objects using different search patterns
  • Use of lifting bags and other salvage methods
  • Techniques for limited visibility


  • Open Water Diver or equivalent brevet
  • Minimum age 10 years
  • valid diving medical certificate or medical self-declaration
  • In the case of minors, parental consent


  • 1 day, consisting of theoretical & practical training (2 dives)

Additional Costs

  • Diving equipment / rental equipment (if none available)
  • Dive center fees
  • Tank fillings
  • Certification costs

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