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Our Dive Packages

Day Trip

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For certified divers! Venture out into the local lakes and see the magnificent marine life.

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Weekend Trip

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For certified divers! Dive with us into the best diving spots in Germany and neighboring countries.

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Vacation Trip

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Dive into the blue from a boat to discover mysterious shipwrecks, sharks, whales or other marine species and capture amazing photos of them!

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Evening Trip

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Evening & night trip showcase the beautiful nature and include romantic dinners by the lake, sea on a yacht or boat.

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Our Events & Activities

Tages Trip zum Steinbruchsee Hunsfels am 27.05.2023
Tagesausfahrt zum Hunsfels 27.05.2023 Dieses Wochenende führt unsere Tauchausfahrt ins Hunsrück in…
DIVING.BERLIN Regulars’ table 17.11.2023
The DIVING.BERLIN regulars table takes place every 3nd Friday of the month…
DIVING.BERLIN Taucherstammtisch 15.03.2024
DIVING.BERLIN Taucherstammtisch 15.03.2024 Der DIVING.BERLIN - Taucherstammtisch findet ab diesem Jahr…

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