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Scuba Diving

That is probably the first and most important question that a prospective diver asks himself.
That’s why we thought about how we can make the decision easier for you and have limited the selection for you so that you can make your decision more easily.

For your information:
Diving.Berlin only teaches in the Business and Premium category, because we want to offer our customers basic, individual training.
We are aware that other dive schools offer cheaper courses, but if you read the fine print you will find that you are getting the same price as we are offering. However, these exchange schools ship 8-12 student divers through the course at the same time.

Discover Scuba Diving by Diving.Berlin
This adventure awaits all water enthusiasts – book your personal diving adventure…
Junior Open Water Diver
Start your adventure as a certified diver, thanks to this training you…
Open Water Diver
This course will give you the basic certificate for recreational scuba diving…
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