Diving Refresher course 2023
249.00 €

Started on 4. November 20237.00pm - 9.00pmca. 2 Hours


Finally diving again. You are a certified diver but it has been some time since you last dived?
You want to get your diving skills back on track before going on a diving holiday?
Then you’ve come to the right place – we’ll do it with you, no matter where you learned to dive.

With the refresher course you can get your good diving feeling back with us and really have a diving holiday on your diving holiday – without any stress…
In the refresher course you will be shown everything you need in theory and practice.
After the refresher course you will dive safely again and feel comfortable under water.
If you have your own diving equipment, we will look at it together and give you valuable tips. All about diving – we are happy to answer all your questions.

For practice, we meet by appointment in the swimming pool.
Content of the refresher course:
– Essential diving theory from the OWD course with a short final test
– Basic skills (exercises) in the swimming pool
– Basic dive planning / dive computer / problem management
– Confirmation in the logbook
Other included services:
– Rental fee for diving equipment
– Swimming pool/base fee
– Scuba tank fillings

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