Diving Day Trip to Lake Straussee 05.08.2023

Today we were drawn back to the Straussee for an Discover Scuba Diving. Although Sven already had his OWD on the Maldives and 13 dives in his logbook, he wanted to have an accompanied dive in the Freshwater in order to win the German lakes over as a diving area. We dived to the bell and back to the mermaid, the lorry, the wonder forest, some wrecks, the mangle, the workbench, the toilet on which Sven first had to sit down. 🙂
We continued to the pike tree where unfortunately there were no pike to be found, but we dived a little further and got a magnificent pike in front of the lens, which was also very easy to film. On our way back we passed another wreck, the visibility measuring line and the horizontal bar.
We were joined by some perch, small pike, rudd and carp. We also got an American crayfish in front of the lens. Sven was visibly fascinated by the diversity of the fauna, the view, the attractions that were specially placed in the lake for the divers and of course the thermocline, which he didn’t even know from the ocean. All in all a very nice relaxed 66min. Dive with Sven.

Pictures by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.
Special thanks to Isa for the provided pictures
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