Diving Day Trip to Lake Werbellin “Old Hotel” 07.08.2023

Today we went to one of our favorite dive sites again. Yes, the Alte Hotel has its own charm. Not only that the view is usually good in the Werbellinsee, but also the very beautifully overgrown wreck of an approx. 6 mtr. large motor boats and the numerous fish invite us again and again to dive into this place.
Today the water was very cloudy after all the rain in the last few days. Visibility today was low at 2-3 mtr.
Tuncay was allowed to navigate us through the underwater world again. It’s always a pleasure when you realize that some skills need a little more practice. After our first dive Thorsten stayed on land and prepared our food while Tuncay and I did a second dive to the wreck. Here we could discover a lot of perch inside the cabin of the wreck. Like the wreck, the lounge chair is covered with small shells.
It’s really fun to see how the underwater fauna gets hold of the human technology.
After the 2nd dive our sausages were almost done, we changed quickly and Thorsten grilled the sausages. After the meal we told Tuncay about our activities we had done in the past. Then we wrote our logbooks, packed up our things and drove home relaxed and refreshed.

Pictures by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

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