Dry suit training 09.04.2023

Today we dived for the 2nd dive of the dry diving training as guests in the Tonsee near Groß Körbis.

The first thing we looked for was a suitable entry point into the lake. From the road through a small piece of forest it was a bit too complicated for us.

We finally decided to start at the campsite beach. Here the campsite manager welcomed us very friendly and showed us where we could unload our diving gear.

We paid €3.00 to park our car.

For info:
At the beginning of the season this should increase to €3.50 plus €2.00 increase in admission.

The Tonsee had a visibility of up to 2 mtr today. but from 7 mtr. depth, the visibility unfortunately dwindled to 0.5 mtr.

The weather showed itself from the best side today, the sun was shining and warmed us even after our dive.

The dry diving training went to my satisfaction, so that Tuncay can call himself Dry Suite Diver after the dive.

At this point, let’s say Tuncay


for passing the DRY SUITE Specialty and wish him all dry dives.

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