First Freshwater Dive 2023

Finally it was time, we officially started our diving season 2023.

Tuncay and Jacky went to the DLRG bathing beach at Groß Glienicker See today to finish Tuncay’s dry diving course there.

At 9:30 a.m. we drove fully packed by car towards the lake.

At the lake we unpacked our diving gear and hung out.

A light snow/rain fell and the outside temperature was at least +2 degrees. maybe the water is a bit warmer?!?…

Arrived in the water. final instructions and off we went. Visibility could have been a lot better, it was an impressive 0.5-1.0 mtr. and didn’t really get better during the dive. After the first exercise where we dived almost nose to nose, we decided to end the dive because you really couldn’t see very much.

Now we rolled our diving gear together again, stowed it in our car and drove home with a smile on the prevailing visibility in the lake.

Of course, the dive was good for us, even if you were “only in the water once and hardly saw anything, but breathing the compressed air gives you the tranquility under water, relaxes your soul and cheers your heart.

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