Diving Day Trip to Lake Straussee 23.07.2023

After our first visit 14 days ago to the 1A divingcenter at the Straussee was so pleasant, we decided to dive the Straussee again at our regular diving table.
We traveled as a small group of 4 divers.
Arrived at the diving center, we first registered as a group, some needed equipment which could be rented for a fee.
After a briefing, everyone assembled their equipment and we dived the Straussee.
Tuncay was allowed to guide us for the first time after passing the navigation course, but he missed the bell by a few meters, so that I had to set the right direction.
Claudia made her first open water dive in Germany with her newly repaired drysuit (the zip had to be replaced) and was positively surprised at how beautiful our lakes can be.
Aaron did his 1 open water dive after passing his OWD certification 4 weeks ago. I already gave him some tips and did a few buoyancy control exercises during the dive.
After the first dive we had a barbecue together and talked about what we had seen. then we went to the underwater attractions from the entrance to the right and to the pike tree.
The visibility in the Straussee was today with 4-5mtr. good. After the dive we did a bebriefing and thought the day was a great success.
Thanks to Claudia for the provided pictures

The ostrich lake:
The Straussee is right on the doorstep of Berlin in a rural idyll in the town of Strausberg in the district of Märkisch-Oderland, which is named after it. The average depth is almost ten meters, at the deepest point southwest of the ferry, the Ice Age water is 20 meters. There are small bathing spots around the lake where you can enjoy the clear water of the Straussee – either on the side of the city or on the other shore “Beyond the Lake”, which can be reached via the Straussee ferry. The Straussee can be reached within a very short time by train from Berlin.

Pictures by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

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