Diving insurance YES / NO?

Does a diver need special accident insurance?
for diving?

The answer is: YES!

The normal health, accident and liability insurances, be they state or private, expressly do not cover certain extreme sports. (Read the small print in your insurance documents)

Of course, as scuba divers, we already know that diving today
is no longer as dangerous as it used to be and it is essential more likely to injure yourself on the soccer field or tennis court than diving. Incidentally, this is also proven by all accident statistics of insurance companies. This has been the accident rate in diving for years declining, although the number of active scuba divers is constantly increasing. Nevertheless, in the event of an accident, the treatment of a diver extremely expensive, of course, as this often involves treatment in a pressure chamber necessary is. However, this risk is easily mitigated with a worldwide valid supplementary insurance for scuba divers.

Does the dive center have to insure their customers?

The answer is: NO!

The diver must take care of adequate insurance cover himself. Every diving guest signs when registering that he is fully responsible and that the diving center is not liable for accidents (except for gross negligence). If a diver is not insured, the diver pays for the treatment in the event of an accident out of his own pocket (a 3-4 hour hyperbaric chamber treatment and one night at the station for observation costs around 5.000€ – 6.000€)

Does the beginner who just tries scuba diving (Discover Scuba Diving) or who starts scuba diving (beginner course) have to take out insurance?

The answer is: ACTUALLY YES!


But the diving school DIVING.BERLIN has already taken out group diving accident insurance for its customers who do a DSD or take part in the training program. However, every diver who starts diving must urgently deal with this topic and protect himself. Even the “one” additional dive that you might want to do after a course for fun is not insured.

How can I insure myself as a scuba diver?

If you already have private health or accident insurance, talk to your insurance company about expanding your insurance for diving, or you can insure yourself with Aqua med or DAN Europe, the world’s largest diving insurance companies. They offer valid insurance cover especially for divers from cheap 45.00€
in the year on.

DIVING.BERLIN wishes all divers and all those who want to become one the best of health and always enough air in the tank.

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