Diving Day Trip “Into the unknown” 17.06.2023

Our first diving trip “Into the unknown” took us to the 3 Pretzin quarry lakes and the Wassermann diving center. Here we received a short briefing about the lakes from the base owner Jessika. We put on our diving gear and did a first dive. Visibility was 2-3mtr. Unfortunately it had rained a lot the day before, so visibility in the lakes wasn’t as good as usual. During the break we warmed up in the sun and grilled our meat on our grill. On the 2nd dive we saw 2 larger sturgeons of about 80 and 120 cm. We had a super nice day with many interesting conversations and look forward to doing the next diving trip into the unknown with you soon.

Pictures by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

Videoclip by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

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