Diving Day Trip to Lake Stechlin 18.06.2023

Today’s diving spot is located about 100 km north of Berlin. It is the dive center at Lake Stechlin, operated by Atlantis Berlin. Here Michael and Ute have the basic management whose training is largely parallel to mine. I was so looking forward to seeing them both again.

But now to Lake Stechlin.
The lake is one of the clearest lakes in Germany, but the phosphorus content in the lake continues to rise every year and thus visibility is decreasing from an average of 15 mtr at that time. 
Today we had a visibility of about 1.5-2 mtr. But the fish population is still stable. Pike, perch, rudd and carp can be found on every dive. The dives are also with an average of 8 mtr. shallow dives. Due to the expected better visibility, we decided to only do one dive that day. We grilled our meat on the specially designed barbecue area, talked to Micha a bit and finally packed our things together comfortably. It was a pleasant, quiet, stress-free day at Lake Stechlin.

Pictures by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

Videoclip by DIVING.BERLIN © 2023. all rights reserved.

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